Hosted Exchange Service Comparison: What is the Best Hosted Exchange Service to Resell?

Not all Hosted Exchange services are created equal. This is why it is always a good idea to take the time to research and find out how a specific Hosted Exchange service measures up against its competitors. After all, everyone wants to get the most bang out of their buck. By simply investing a bit of time and effort to find the best possible service, you will invariably save yourself from potential heartache.

So, with regards to Hosted Exchange services, what features should you look out for? And how do various providers fare in each one? Let us find out.

Outlook Connectivity

This allows end users to use the rich client application that they know and love. By default, this is offered as part of packages by Hostway, Office 365, and even here at Solution Union, and for an additional fee by Rackspace and Intermedia.

Web-based Access

Users are allowed browser-based access to the Outlook Web app, which mimics the look and feel of the outlook client. This enables you to track the status your account and the movements within, without being tied to a desk. As long as you have an Internet connection from wherever you are in the world, you can easily log in and monitor. Again, this is a default offering from us here at Solution Union.


Mobile capability makes it accessible to all devices that can receive email, including all iOS, Android, and Windows Phone units. For people who are always on the go, this is crucial to making sure everything is working smoothly even when you are not in front of a computer. This is included at Solution Union at no extra charge. Others like Office 365, Hostway, and AppRiver also have a similar service but often charge higher prices or the lower options dont include active sync without a fee.


Different Hosted Exchange providers have different price points, and the storage they provide also vary correspondingly. Office 365, Intermedia, and Hostway offer 25GB of mailbox size, while AppRiver’s default mailbox storage is unlimited. Solution Union, on the other hand, offer mailbox storage at $0.09 per gigabyte,  and is a big beliver in only paying for what you use. The average Exchange mailbox is under 1GB so why pay 400% more for enormous mailboxes when all you need is 1GB? We can help you find out how much space you really need, so you can better plan your budget and re-allocate funds into other areas of your business.

Problem-free Account Management

Hosted Exchange providers may be offering the most high-tech and high-end tools to keep your business updated, but the bigger question is — is the app you are using navigable? By commissioning a service, it means you want to take the nitty-gritty out of your hands, while still being able to quickly check when you need to. You will need a provider with an user-friendly interface and employs easily understandable language that even first-time users can comprehend. What good is a stellar system if nobody understands how it works, right?

White Label Solutions

If you are looking for hosted exchange for MSP or cloud resellers, you will need a provider that can promise to keep its anonymity so you can carry on with your business using your own professional brand, like what we offer at Solution Union. Some businesses prefer to market the storage service as their own, not just to establish a reputation but also to create a bond of trust with their clients. There are different reasons why users prefer or do not prefer white labels, so assess first why you are employing the hosted exchange service before making a decision — or, better yet, talk to us so we can help you make informed decisions.

Stable Migration Assistance

Employing a hosted exchange service means transferring your existing files to a host service — so it matters a lot if the company gives all the assistance you need from day zero and until all bits are moved and properly set-up. This is particularly important for those looking at hosted exchange for MSP / resellers. Because you are using your personal professional brand to offer a service to other businesses, the entire migration process should be seamless and stress-free.

Continuing Support

During the Hosted Exchange comparison process, you will also need to look at whether the company can answer client support queries immediately. Nobody wants a provider that takes days to respond to your questions and reports. You will want a service that offers 24/7 access to a competent team of sales and technical support staff that can give you useful answers whenever you need them. Many hosted exchange reviews only gloss over the specs, but often fail to mention whether assistance is available after deployment. This is an important factor when shopping for a provider. You will need a service will a reliable follow-through offering. Solution Union offers customer support wherever and whenever via phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google channels. It also has free web chat assistance.

There are many reasons why a Hosted Exchange could be beneficial to your business and the benefits outweigh the cost. In addition to a reduced overhead, the expenses are also predictable. The amount of data backup it can support also minimizes the impact of unforeseen events and outages on your files. Even when all your hardware has broken down, you can feel confident that all the information you have saved is tucked securely and can be accessed from any system. Ultimately, knowing what you need and will likely use from Hosted Exchange will determine the service that best fits your requirements. A firm budget helps, too. We at Solution Union are more than happy to answer all your queries and help you create a program that best suits your needs.



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