White Label Applications Via our Platform: Exchange 2013, Symantec, Online Backup, Ahsay

Solution Union provides a quick-start white label solution allowing you to market your application with outstanding features and and economic alternatives that are seldom available anywhere else. With the kind of features you get, you can be rest assured that your application beats up all the good competitors out there in the market.

Here we believe that starting an online solutions company needs to be easy and with no hassles. The business needs to be manageable and contract free. The solution needs to be brandable and with as least cost as possible. This is one such unified solution for you to create and grow your business.

What is Private Labelling?

Once we private label our software, your clients would never know we exist. No one would see “Solution Union” anywhere on any page ever. That means you get the whole credit for providing these services and keep client relationships to yourself. We have lots to offer with such a solution with your name, logo, contact details, website and support. You provide our services as if they were your own. Although its service under your name and brand, we provide you with all the support and service, all US based at a very low cost that helps you build your business by saving up huge. What have got to offer, here’s the list:

Hosted Exchange 2013:

A business without communication is no business. You get access to your documents, mails, calendars wherever you go on your PC, Mac, Mobile or Tablet. Keep up highest level of productivity with all documents synced real time for you anywhere you go.

Mails received through different portals are often malicious. With a good big business to take care about, no one really has the time and resources to filter out spams. Our solution takes care of all threats for all incoming as well as outgoing mails and lets you focus on the business instead.


“With great power comes great responsibility.” Your powerful engine needs to focus on the application more and be more efficient. One hurdle in the continuous progress could be continuous threats, hack attacks, virus, worms and trojans getting introduced in the system and may result in a big halt and loss thereafter. We take care of all this for you with our very promising and trusted Symantec protection. We monitor all your servers and computers 24/7 to make sure they are safe. Our protection solution supports a wide range of platforms ensuring utmost safety for your applications.  More info on this page.

Online Backup:

In important part of any application or service is its data. Be it user info, payment data, sales figure, etc. This data has been so important in the recent years that it has given an entry to a new boom in technology called BigData. It is important that you don’t lose your data and always have an incremental backup of all the latest data. We have a group of multi-talented engineers and architects to help with any data recovery strategies.

We also make sure your data is compressed allowing you to use as minimum space as possible and save cost. These backups are encrypted over Secure Socket Layer(SSL) making them highly secure. Our onsite+offsite Backup strategy allows you to boot up almost twice faster than the offsite backup strategy. Numerous features being offered by our Online Backup Manager; HIPAA compliant, Automatic backups, unlimited servers, redundant servers, US-based support. The most important thing being the cost which is ½ the cost. 95% cheaper than other competitors. We support a wide range of Databases and Operating Systems as well.

Hosted Ahsay:

What’s the point in being in a business if its not always available to the clients. With over 8 years of expertise in the field of development and hosting, the network has been architected in such a way that it is highly available. We provide you direct access to the Ahsay Engineering team with premium level of support at ½ the cost of what Google and Rackspace offer. With most of the cloud providers, uptime and contracts have been a concern, not with us. With highly promising SLAs and uptime of 99.9% and  we don’t need to have a contract as the clients continue to be with us. You may even come and go as you please.

So what does Ahsay has to offer? We provide you choices of plans for you to choose the best as per your needs. You have unlimited Bandwidth ensuring high availability and scalability. You get your domain name along with a remote instance to start and stop the instances as you wish. API Access to use it yourself to program your application and servers for any automation the way you like. Admin access to the FTP and Admin console access. Partner portal access and marketing materials.

With certified data centers in Dallas and Chicago, and an experienced engineering team who have worked for the likes of Microsoft, Google and Amazon, you can be rest assured your business is in safe hands. Stick with a proven leader and take your business to a new heights today!


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